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Mukhopadhyay T., Naskar S., Adhikari S. (2020) Anisotropy tailoring in geometrically isotropic multi-material lattices, Extreme Mechanics Letters, Elsevier Publication 40, 100934

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Impact Factor: 4.806 

Mukhopadhyay T., Mahata A., Naskar S., Adhikari S. (2020) Probing the effective Young's modulus of `magic angle' inspired multi-functional twisted nano-heterostructures, Advanced Theory and Simulations, Willey Publication. 3 (10) 2000129

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Impact Factor: 2.951 

Mukhopadhyay T., Naskar S., Chakraborty S., Karsh P. K., Choudhury R., Dey S., (2020) Stochastic oblique impact on composite laminates: A concise review and characterization of the essence of hybrid machine learning algorithms, Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering, Springer Publication (In Press)

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Impact Factor: 7.36

Kumar R.R., Mukhopadhyay T., Naskar S., Pandey K.M., Dey S., (2019) Stochastic low-velocity impact analysis of sandwich plates including the effects of obliqueness and twist, Thin-Walled Structures, Elsevier Publication, 145 106411

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Impact Factor: 4.033

Karsh P.K., Mukhopadhyay T., Chakraborty S., Naskar S., Dey S., (2019) A hybrid stochastic sensitivity analysis for low-frequency vibration and low-velocity impact of functionally graded plates, Composites Part B: Engineering. Elsevier Publication,  176 107221

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Impact Factor:7.635

Mukhopadhyay, T., Naskar, S., Dey, S., Chakrabarti, A. (2019) 'Condition assessment and strengthening of aged structures: Perspectives based on a critical case study'.

Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction. ASCE Publication, 24 (3), 05019003

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Impact Factor:5.616

 Dey, S., Mukhopadhyay, T., Naskar, S., Dey, TK., Chalak, HD. & Adhikari, S. (2019)

Probabilistic characterization for dynamics and stability of laminated soft core sandwich plates'.

Journal of sandwich structures and materials. SAGE Publication, 21(1) 366 - 397

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Naskar S., Mukhopadhyay T., Sriramula S., (2019)

Spatially varying fuzzy multi-scale uncertainty propagation in unidirectional fibre reinforced composites

Composite Structures. Elsevier Publication, 209 940-967

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Impact Factor:5.138

Mukhopadhyay T., Naskar S., Karsh P. K., Dey S., You Z., (2018)

Effect of delamination on the stochastic natural frequencies of composite laminates,

 Composites Part B: Engineering. Elsevier Publication, 154 242-256

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Impact Factor:7.635

Naskar S., Mukhopadhyay T., Sriramula S., (2018)

Probabilistic micromechanical spatial variability quantification in laminated composites

Composites Part B: Engineering. Elsevier Publication, 151 291-325

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Impact Factor:7.635

Naskar, S., Mukhopadhyay, T., Sriramula, S. & Adhikari, S. (2017)

Stochastic natural frequency analysis of damaged thin-walled laminated composite beams with uncertainty in micromechanical properties. 

Composite StructuresElsevier Publication, 160 312-334 'Most Read Article' (as on January, 2017) 

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Impact Factor:5.138

Dey, S., Naskar, S., Mukhopadhyay, T., Gohs, U., Spickenheuer, A., Bittrich, L., Sriramula, S., Adhikari, S. & Heinrich, G. (2016).

Uncertain natural frequency analysis of composite plates including effect of noise – A polynomial neural network approach

Composite StructuresElsevier Publication, 143 130-142

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Impact Factor:5.138

Mukhopadhyay, T., Naskar, S., Dey, S. & Adhikari, S. (2016).

On quantifying the effect of noise in surrogate based stochastic free vibration analysis of laminated composite shallow shells

Composite Structures.Elsevier Publication 140 798–805

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Impact Factor:5.138

Naskar, S. & Bhalla, S. (2015)

Metal-wire-based twin one-dimensional orthogonal array configuration of PZT patches for damage assessment of two-dimensional structures

Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures. SAGE Publication, 27(11) 1440-1460 View at publisher /Preprint version

Impact Factor:2.410