We are looking for highly motivated two Ph.D. students and one Postdoc to join our research group!
Interested students may contact at susmita@aero.iitb.ac.insusmitanaskar@iitb.ac.in with CV.

Our research is interdisciplinary, combining engineering design, computation, and fabrication. Our research interests and expertise broadly lie in the field of materials and structures (such as composites, functionally graded materials, multi-material, metals, and alloys) at multiple length-scales involving both forward and inverse problems of engineering that warrants frequent excursions among the boundaries of applied mathematics, physics, probability theory and nanotechnology with an ideal balance between fundamental developments and industry-oriented applications. In product development, it considers early conceptual design phases through to the design and fabrication of novel solutions. Current topics include design heuristics, computational design, design for additive manufacturing and 4D printing. We investigate a wide variety of application areas of mechanical and structural systems across a number of industries including consumer products, robotics, space, biomedical, civil, mechanical, machine design and aerospace. 

Recent Research Highlights

Unconventional anisotropy in multimaterial lattices with isotropic geometry: Link 

Young's modulus of "magic angle" twisted nano-heterostructures: Link

Characterization of the Essence of Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithms: Link

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