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Research Areas

Our research  research group is to develop new design, analysis, and testing methodologies for engineered materials and structures in a variety of scientific and engineering fields, ranging from the mechanical aspects of computational material science to the static and dynamic response of structures, as well as cutting-edge advancements in nanosciences and structural systems that are inspired by biological systems. The major fields of our research are Machine learning-driven design, Uncertainty Quantification, Mechanical metamaterial, Origami-inspired deployable structure, Multiscale analysis of composite, Structural health monitoring and energy harvesting, Graphene, CNT and 2D materials. Detailed information on some topics is given below categorically. Examples from this category are mentioned on the publication page

Screenshot 2022-01-07 151213.png
Screenshot 2022-01-07 141220.png
Screenshot 2022-01-07 124133.png
Screenshot 2022-01-07 135914.png
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Screenshot 2022-01-07 125206.png
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Engineered Materials and Structures Lab (EMSL)

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