​Principal Investigator
Susmita Naskar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Southampton

Email Address: S.Naskar@soton.ac.uk

 Dr. Naskar is a Lecturer at the University of Southampton. She was a postdoctoral researcher at the Whiting School of Engineering of Johns Hopkins University, USA before joining the University of Southampton. Prior to that, She received her doctoral degree from the School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, UK. 
Dr. Naskar's research interests and expertise broadly lie in the field of manufacturing lightweight functional materials and structures (such as composites, functionally graded materials, metals, and alloys) at multiple length-scales involving both forward and inverse problems of engineering that warrants frequent excursions among the boundaries of applied mathematics, physics, probability theory and nanotechnology with an ideal balance between fundamental developments and industry-oriented applications. Dr. Naskar's research findings and developments are regularly published in reputed journals and conferences.
Professional activities

Assistant professor (2021-)

Department of Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences, University of Southampton


Postdoctoral research fellow (2018 – 2019)

Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

In collaboration with Army Research Lab, USA


Teaching Associate (2015-2017) ​

School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen

Lab Alumni

EMSL postgraduate researchers

  • Neel Mani 
  • Jagriti Saha 
  • Mayank Prakash 
  • Mohammad Aman 
  • Athira Anil Kumar

  • Thiruvadi Ragupathy M
  • Jnanansu Prakash Bisoi
  • Puneeth S 
EMSL undergraduate researchers
  • Adharsh Prasad N L 
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  • Mohit Dhaka
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  • Mitalee Oza
  • Hemanth Dontamsetti
EMSL affiliated External Students 
  • Ashok Kumar (M.Tech.) [Cosupervised with Dr. Shingare]
  • Gaurisha Aggarwal (Undergraduate) [Cosupervised with Dr. Shingare]
  • Rohit SS (Undergraduate)
  • Aishwarya Ganesan (Undergraduate)