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2023: Our PhD student PRIYANKA PATIL presented her research work on Uncertainty Quantification of complex thin-walled composites which has attracted a significant interest in the ICCMS 2023 conference held recently at Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi


2022: EMSL postgraduate Thomas was awarded a Distinction for his master's dissertation titled: "An Investigation into the Viscoelastic and Metamaterial Characteristics of Kirigami in Response to a Tensile Load". Congratulations Thomas!!


2022: Susmita's research on advanced materials and structures was featured in Space Magazine, Southampton.


2022: The group designed project from EMSL on Origami Spacecraft De-Orbiter got 2022's Environment Award.


2021: Susmita joined as Guest Editor:  Frontiers in Nanotechnology on the topic: Computational Advances in Nanostructured Thermoelectric

2021: Susmita joined as Guest Editor:  Journal of Composites Science on the topic: Advanced Multi-functional Composites and Metamaterials

2020: Susmita received best paper award with Dr. Kishor Balasaheb Shingare from The Institution of Engineers!

2020: Athira's thesis from EMSL lab on Machine learning assisted modelling of uncertainty for lightweight structures  has been selected for IIT Bombay's newsletter of the month (Link)


2020: Our paper on probing the stochastic dynamics of coronaviruses  has been included in the WHO database



2020: Our work on proposing new piezoelectric material for composite structure got media coverage (Link)

News at IIT Bombay: (Link)


2020:Our recent work on predicting effective properties on composites got media coverage at the IIT Bombay research section (Link)


2020:Our research on functional materials which have shown that, contrary to what was thought before, the isotropy of material is relatively independent of the lattice geometry published at the IIT Bombay research section



2020:Our collaborative work at IIT Bombay on metamaterial with IIT Kanpur and Swansea University featured and released in media



2020: Dr Naskar received Young Engineer Award From The Institution of Engineers.

2020: Dr. Naskar received the Young Achievers Awarded by Institute of Scholar.


2020: Dr. Naskar received Young Woman in Engineering Award by 5th Venus International Women Awards - VIWA 2020.

2019: Dr. Naskar received Young Faculty Award from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

2019: Dr Naskar was interviewed by the University of Aberdeen as a bright international student for their yearly magazine.


2019: Dr Naskar was interviewed by the new age media portal She The People organized by British Council UK and India Govt.

She the People is a global online community of women and the India site is the first women’s channel inspired by real stories and seeks to change the discourse on, about and for women. The platform is by and for women, featuring stories of women breaking new ground as entrepreneurs, feminists, mothers, doctors, actors, artists, leaders, activists, homemakers, and others challenge glass ceilings in every sphere of life.

It was founded by award-winning journalist Shaili Chopra, to create a platform for women, that they could relate to.


2019: Dr Naskar was interviewed by the new age media portal HerStory, the section of Yourstory that covers women’s stories organized by British Council UK.

HerStory is one of the special editions of YourStory – features stories of entrepreneurs and change-makers, funding analyses, resource pieces and the first glimpse of emerging trends from India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as profiles of great businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the world. HerStory is a women-first platform that profiles and celebrates inspirational stories of women.

2019: Our paper Condition assessment and strengthening of aged structures: Perspectives based on a critical case study has been selected to be featured in the Editor’s Choice section of the Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction page in the ASCE Library


2019: Served as a judge in the panel on second-annual Women in STEM Symposium, supporting women in STEM at Johns Hopkins University

Engineered Materials and Structures Laboratory (EMSL)

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